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atypique /a.ti.pik/ - Which differs from the norm. Which is unclassifiable.

Atipik was founded in 2010 after Yannick Dürst and Fabien Di Tore, so far employed at Infomaniak Network, realize that the smartphone is set to become the next digital revolution and decide to join forces to create one of the first Swiss company specialized in innovative mobile technologies.

The company takes its place in a garage where their first mobile applications are designed: Rouge FM and, which will allow them to quickly gain notoriety.

Simon Chollet, lead developer of the Zong mobile micropayment platform (acquire by Paypal), very quickly joined the company as a CTO.

Today, Atipik continues to grow completely independently and has 17 employees.


Our manifesto, a matter of principle

Our values are mutual commitments. They define our vision of what a responsible society should be. We want our current and future employees, partners and customers to know what is pushing us forward and how we make decisions.


Design experiences

Design is not about visuals, it's a practice at the crossroads of art, technology and society. We build products by re-defining the relationship of people to the world around them. Our designers participate in the design of your product, from the user experience to the interface. They define the scope of your project, interactions, and marketing. In short, they lead your project and it changes everything.


Build by iteration

We believe that rigid projects, based on a comprehensive definition of needs through extremely detailed specifications block innovation and disperse efforts on inappropriate or irrelevant issues. Iteration is at the heart of our design and development processes. Thus, until the very last minute we will seek to improve, refine and innovate. It requires more flexibility but we do it out of conviction!


Keep control of the entire stack

We build our solutions from A to Z. We believe that a solid company must keep control of all the operational digital tools that support it. Thus, we remain masters of our tools and solutions, and for us, it is priceless.


Stay close to you

We are based in Geneva and we are proud to build our solutions locally by respecting men and women more than finance. The proximity and mutual enrichment between our team and yours are key to the success of a digital project.


Create and play together

We value the opinion of each member of our team, selected for their professional expertise but also for their human values. Our idea is that responsibilities must be shared among members of a self-respecting team that have full confidence in one another. We think we can build together a just and humane society.


Be honest with ourself and others

We do what we say, and we say what we think, with honesty. We don't do politics or commercial wooing. We promise to build just, sincere and transparent relationships.


Innovate, seriously

Innovation merges ideas, technology, choice and courage. Our choices are always the result of a thorough reflection that must ensure the sustainability of projects. Innovation is not built with immature technologies. In this sense, we make a point of ensuring their relevance before proposing them to you.

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