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SOS Médecins

november 2015
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SOS Médecins
Smart health arrives in Switzerland

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For 29 years, 50 doctors travel across Geneva to perform at home consultations.

These specialized doctors intervene for general medicine as well as emergency, traumatology, pediatric or psychiatric cases.

In 2015, SOS Medecin would like to offer a modern and practical tool to inform and reinsure patients waiting for care while simplifying administrative procedures.

1. Simplify consultations

During the entire product conception process, we kept in mind the two main objectives : reassure and inform.

Thank to his care timeline, the patient follows in real-time the status of his/her intervention. Name of the doctor, his is already on his way, his position and how much time it will take for him to come to your place.

Displayed in the application and sent via push notifications, these informations allow to greatly reduce stress of the patient and his/her entourage.

Des problématiques urgentes

We have experienced it. All of us at atipik, engineers, designers and developers had one day to wait for medical support in a situation of emergency. We directly understood that waiting is an important stress factor with a negative influence on patient and entourage.

We wanted a simple way to reassure patient during the process in order to reduce waiting stress but also better inform them before and after the intervention by giving them access to all personal informations, quickly and in secured fashion.

Dr Fabrice Müller is on his way. Estimated time of arrival : 24 minutes.

Suivez le véhicule en temps réel ci-dessous

2. Give back the medical file to the patient

At Atipik, we believe that your medical file belongs to the patient. We have therefore offered to adapt the company usual procedure of medical report and analysis transfer by providing them directly to the first concerned person : the patient.

These documents are sent 24 to 48 hours later after the emergency visit and can be directly shared with a family doctor.

3. Useful content

Access in a click the address and phone number of the open late-night pharmacies near you, stay inform of the latest epidemic and other relevant medical news in your region.

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